As Lebanon’s multifold crisis has destroyed the livelihood of thousands of people and doubled poverty rates, a larger share of the population has become dependent on public services. This increased reliance on essential public services has strained under-resourced and frail public institutions and infrastructure to the breaking point.

To better understand the challenges faced by Lebanese state institutions and that are threatening their existence and the perennity of public service, the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan, in partnership with UNICEF, has conducted a rapid assessment of the combined crisis impact on Lebanon’s state institutions with the aim to provide an evidence-based description of the public administration’s capacity to sustain public service provision to citizens and inform the design of policy response and identify targeted immediate actions that can support institutions in sustaining the delivery of vital services.

The roundtable discussions aims to launch this impact assessement reform and discuss its findings and recommendations with the donors’ community and international organizations.

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