Lebanon is facing an economic, financial and social crisis of unprecedented scale, driven by major macro-fiscal and monetary imbalances and further deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Port of Beirut explosion.
The crisis has led to the quasi-paralysis of the public sector, the collapse of service provision and pushed government agencies to subsist on a survival mode. In the absence of a comprehensive policy response, it also pushed businesses to find creative and efficient solutions to subsist or even grow.
Despite the mounting challenges, many women in leadership positions across the public and private sectors were able to sustain their organizations and navigate the storm.
The International Women Day 2023 is an occasion to pay tribute to these women, to shed light on their experiences, to learn from their struggles and to support the access of more women to leadership positions and put their know-how to good use for the recovery period.
This webinar, organized in collaboration with the Lebanese League for Women in Business and Infopro/Lebanon Opportunities featured women from the public and private spheres, working towards women empowerment.

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